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Ayurvedic medicine is a system of traditional medicine native to the Indian subcontinent and practiced in other parts of the world as a form of alternative medicine. In Sanskrit, the word ayurveda consists of the words āyus, meaning "longevity", and Veda, meaning "related to knowledge" or "science". Evolving throughout its history, ayurveda remains an influential system of medicine in South Asia. The earliest literature on Indian medical practice appeared during the Vedic period in India. The Suśruta Sahitā and the Charaka Sahitā were influential works on traditional medicine during this era.Over the following centuries, ayurvedic practitioners have also identified a number of medicinal preparations and surgical procedures for curing various ailments and diseases.

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These days, many of the beauty treatments you can get at day spas and salons include edible ingredients. People get salt scrubs, seaweed wraps and honey facials all the time However, have you ever heard of a ghee eye treatment? read more






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